Sunday Morning Dwelling Fire

At 05:45hrs on June 28th, companies in Northwest Baltimore County were alerted for a report of a dwelling fire. Engine and Truck 18 (Randallstown) arrived first and advised they had a 2 story single family dwelling with fire throughout the dwelling. They quickly placed their deck gun and 2.5" attack line in service to attempt to knock the fire back and transition to interior operations. Engine 311 arrived next, laying in a supply line bringing much needed water to E18. E311's crews quickly went to work stretching two 1 3/4 attack lines, giving one to crews operating on Division 2. E311's crews took the other 1 3/4" attack line and began operations. The fire was brought under control in approximately 30 minutes, and E311 operated on scene for a little over 2 hours.  Thanks to Firefighter Matt Yaffie for the photos.