Office Building Electrical Fire

Owings Mills Volunteers were alerted to firebox 2-01 for the commercial building fire in Pikesville, July 11th, just before midnight.

Owings Mills Truck 313 laddered side alpha and checked the roof while the crew of OM Engine 312 checked the second division.

It was determined that the source of smoke was from a small electrical appliance. The appliance was removed. Baltimore County T18 and OM T313 ventilated the building. All units cleared without incident.

Sunday afternoon South Ritters Lane Fire

Shortly after 3:00 PM today, April 28th, Owings Mills Volunteer Fire Company Engine 312 was alerted for a fire on South Ritters Lane.

Engine 312 deployed an attack line and performed an interior fire attack after arriving on scene to find smoke showing from all sides and from the eaves of the single story dwelling. A quick knock was made and Engine 19, Medic 19, Engine 2, Engine 56 and Truck 18 assisted with overhaul and ventilation.

Thank you to the Engine 312 crew that quickly responded this afternoon!

Fitzharding Lane Townhouse Fire

Owings Mills Volunteer Fire Company Engine 312 responded to the report of a house fire on the 9300 block of Fitzharding Ln in Owings Mills, on Wednesday, March 6, 2019. The fire started on the first floor of the middle-of-group townhome, and extended to the second floor.

Crews from Baltimore County Stations: 19, 32, 56, 18, and 14 responded. OMVFCo Engine 312 crew knocked the fire on the second floor with a quickly deployed handline, while Engine 19 knocked the fire on the first floor.

Photos are courtesy of Jason Broth from Pikesville Volunteer Fire Company (Station 32).

Franklin High School JROTC Fire Skill Training Session

Owings Mills Volunteer Fire Company was invited to Franklin High School MC JROTC to show fire suppression equipment and firefighting skills. The class was held yesterday, Friday the 15th.

Two former JROTC cadets who were alumni from Franklin High School, now members of Owings Mills Volunteer Fire Company, led the skill training session.

Thank you for having us!

Vent Fan Fire on Lower Gate Court

Owings Mills Volunteer Fire Company responded to the report of a second floor bathroom fire on Lower Gate Ct in Owings Mills shortly before 6:00 PM tonight.

Truck 313 and Engine 312 arrived and entered the townhouse, which was filled with smoke. Engine 19 from Garrison joined us on scene. Our members quickly located the source of the fire, which was a bathroom ventilation fan. The vent fan was extinguished and removed from the ceiling.

Units checked for fire extension in the attic, and came back negative. The area was ventilated via portable fans to remove any remaining smoke.

Tuesday Early Morning Bathroom Fire

This morning, just after 3:00 AM, OMVFCo responded to a fire reported on the bathroom floor of a townhouse in Owings Mills off of Reisterstown Rd.

The fire started in the dining room light fixture, which had a short, and set the upstairs bathroom floor on fire. The fire was out upon arrival. Crews checked for fire extension and used fans to remove smoke. Owings Mills and E-56 Franklin Station handled the incident.


Garrison Fire on August 28th


On August 28th just after 10pm, units from OMVFCo, Reisterstown VFC, Garrison, and Randallstown were alerted for a dwelling fire on Hunt Cup Circle in McDonogh Township.  E312 and T313 responded along with other area units.  Crews from OMVFCo assisted with securing utilities, ventilating, throwing ladders, supplying lighting, and finding a secondary water source.

Owings Mills Townhouse Fire

Just after 1:00pm on Friday, December 15, 2017, units from OMVFCo, Garrison, Franklin, Glyndon, Chestnut Ridge, and others, were alerted for a townhouse fire on Gwynnswood Road in Owings Mills.  First arriving units found smoke and fire coming from the 2nd story and roof.  A working fire assignment was quickly dispatched, and crews remained on the scene for 3+ hours.  

Photos and video courtesy of William Montgomery

3 Working Fires and an Auto Fire in 24 Hours

The last 24 hours have been extremely busy for the members of OMVFCo.  The first fire was dispatched on March 7th around 11:30pm as a dwelling fire in Garrison.  Units found and extinguished a vehicle that was on fire next to a house.  After clearing that fire, Truck 313 was alerted for a second alarm fire in Lutherville.  T313's crew first assumed RIT, and then was assigned to  roof operations and assisted with ventilation.

Just after 2:30pm on March 8th, units from OMVFCO were alerted for a dwelling fire in Chestnut Ridge VFC's district.  And after that fire, unites were alerted for a second fire in Station 50's area.

In total, our crews were on active fire scene's for more then 8 hours today.

Reisterstown Dwelling Fire

Around 2045 hours on February 10, 2017, stations in the northwest corridor were alerted for a dwelling fire on Austin road in Reisterstown. This call brought units from Franklin (station 56), Reisterstown VFC (station 41) and Owings mills VFC (station 31). First arriving units found smoke showing and an active kitchen fire. Engine 312 and Truck 313 (both from OMVFCO) assumed duties of ventilation and laddering the dwelling. The fire was quickly extinguished and units operated approximately 45 minutes before returning to service.